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Self-Care Strategies for Seniors with Type 1 Diabetes

Self-Care Strategies for Seniors with Type 1 Diabetes

Having diabetes can contribute to long-term damage to various organs, especially in the eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels, according to the American Diabetes Association. Hence, self-care is one of the necessary measures to be taken to limit potential organ damage and reduce the chances of hospitalization and ER visits for patients.

Dynamiks Home Care, Inc., a trusted provider for home care in Melbourne, Florida suggest patients with Type 1 diabetes to the following self-care activities to avoid serious health complications:

  • Healthy eating and regular exercise
  • Monitoring one’s blood sugar levels and complying with your doctor’s prescribed medication
  • Developing your healthy coping skills and practicing behaviors that help with risk reduction

These strategies have been positively correlated with blood sugar control, reflecting fewer complications and overall improved quality of life.

Apart from care for seniors with complications, we also offer Pediatric Home Health in Orlando, Florida to cater to the needs of children who need assistance with coping with the everyday challenges of life.

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We would be happy to provide you with anything from home care services to a pediatric nurse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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