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What Are the Common Causes of Birth Defects?

What Are the Common Causes of Birth Defects?

According to the CDC, there is one baby in every 33 babies born is found with birth defects. Birth defects are physical problems or health abnormalities that can either be mild or severe. These babies born with birth defects will require meticulous home care in Melbourne, Florida.

Birth defects are commonly caused either by environmental factors or genetic factors. However, there are cases when the defect is caused by a combination of the two. Some babies, though, suffer from birth defects without any known cause.

When it comes to the genetic factors, here are the common causes that often compel babies with birth defects to be under the care of a pediatric nurse in West Palm Beach, Florida:

  • Single gene defects (mutation of one gene causing the defect)
  • Recessive inheritance (both parents do not have the disease, but pass along the faulty gene to the child)
  • Chromosomal defects (caused by too many or too few chromosomes)
  • Dominant inheritance (one parent with the disease passes along the defective gene)

The environmental factors are far too many compared to the genetic factors. However, the most common ones can be narrowed into a few. These environmental factors include drug and alcohol consumption, unhealthy lifestyle, vitamin deficiency, and even domestic violence. These factors will affect the development of the baby while in the womb, causing them to have defects at birth and requiring pediatric care in Orange County.

Dynamiks Home Care, Inc. is here to help you care for your little ones. We will make sure to provide the best pediatric home health in Orlando, Florida so your little one can grow into a happy and bright child in the future.

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